Grand Piano & Violin

Perfect for an intimate, smaller dinner or cocktail party. Light classical, Viennese waltzes, popular ballads, opera arias and Broadway show tunes. Music stand and lights supplied by violinist.

Pop Elation (Electric Guitar & Acoustic Bass)

Pop Elation is an electric guitar and acoustic bass duo, that will take you back to the 60's, 70's, 80's & 90's with Classic Pop songs, and also performs songs by current artists represented by Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake, John Legend, Taylor Swift, and others. Pop Elation is also available with an optional violinist for wedding ceremonies.


Continental Trio (Violin, Bass & Accordion)

Grand piano, keyboard, or guitar can be substituted for accordion. Strolling is possible with violin, accordion and guitar. Repertoire includes Continental music, including French and Italian selections, Viennese waltzes, Latin favorites, Broadway show tunes, including Andrew Lloyd Weber, and American popular classics of Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kerns, and others.

Violin, Harp & Piano Trio

The trio features the delicate, sensitive and enchanting sounds of harp, combined with lyrical violin lines, and the grand piano to create the perfect atmosphere for a dinner party, reception or corporate event. The musical impact of this trio is pure, romantic elegance. The trio’s repertoire consists of an eclectic mix of American Songbook Standards, Broadway Show tunes, Continental, and Romantic movie favorites.

Elan (2 Violins & Cello)

Elan is a popular trio whose versatile repertoire includes composers of baroque and classical eras, including selections by J. S. Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Boccherini, Haydn and Mozart. Light classical, contemporary and popular selections (including Irving Berlin, Broadway and Beatles) are available as well. Elan features two like instruments (violins) , and a contrasting tenor-bass instrument (cello), to complete its characteristic sound.

String Quartet

String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola & Cello)

This popular ensemble for weddings is also appropriate for corporate events where classical and light classical music is requested for a more intimate setting. (Strolling is an option, without cello). The repertoire includes, Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Corelli, Schubert, Mozart, and an extensive popular music library. Option: A flute may be substituted for one of the violins.

Continental Dance Combos
Light Music For After Dinner Dancing

4 Piece Combo

Features two violins, bass (w/Hi-hat for dancing) & accordion (or grand piano, keyboard, or guitar). Strolling and/or light after-dinner dancing is available with this basic band. Strolling repertoire generally includes: Selections by Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Irving Berlin, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Continental selections, Latin favorites, Viennese waltzes and Broadway show tunes.

5 Piece Combo

Two violins, clarinet/sax, bass/hi-hat, and piano (Baby Grand or Keyboard). Great Swing sound; excellent for dancing or cocktails and dinner background.

6 Piece Combo

Two violins, viola, bass, guitar & accordion (or Keyboard) Jazzy, Continental feel; very danceable, strolling possible.

7 Piece Combo

Two Violins, viola, bass, guitar, accordion (or keyboard), & clarinet/sax Up-tempo swing or soft dancing music. Cocktails, dinner and light-dancing with bigger sound, for larger guest count. Still capable of being mobile and intimate.

10 Piece Combo

Same as the 6-piece combo with four added strings, which could be four violins or one viola & three violins. For a Swing feel, it is possible to add a clarinet or sax.

Classic San Francisco Strolling Violins

Photo of Classic San Francisco Strolling Violins on stairs at City Hall.Starlite Strings Strolling Violins performing for a holiday party on the grand stairs in the Rotunda of San Francisco City Hall

(Photo/Thomas John Gibbons)
Classical Strings (10 Pieces)

Eight violins, viola & bass (piano or accordion is optional). While the reference to "classical" music is generally relative to the music of Bach, Beethoven, et al, the term is applicable in a broad sense to an ensemble of all strings. This ensemble performs the typical strolling repertoire (Gershwin, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Broadway, Continental, Latin, etc.) as well as Viennese waltzes, Andrea Bocelli (Time to Say Goodbye or Sogno) arias, Mozart (e.g., part of the first movement of Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) and others. For special musical requests, not within the standard strolling repertoire, advanced preparation and rehearsal, special arrangements, or other special considerations may be required. Such items are quoted separately. Note: Depending on the complexity, music stands and lights may be required where memorization is impractical.

Photo of Starlite Strings
Starlite Strings performing at Opus One Winery in the Napa Valley
Starlite Strings (13 to 17 Pieces)

Typical instrumentation: Eleven violins (viola can be substituted for one or more of the violins), with grand piano or accordion and bass. Also, available is the all-string ensemble described above (10-piece) plus two violins and viola to create the thirteen-piece ensemble. A beautiful and impressive performance on stages or lining staircase as seen at San Francisco City Hall. Impressive long lines and formations, perfect for larger receptions or dinners.